Corporate Social Responsibility

As a multinational corporation it is our obligation towards our environment to adopt eco-friendly practices which do not harm the eco-system nor the environment. For the betterment and well being of our future generations, we must implement and promote healthy and green practices.

Prima Foods SA is steadfast in protecting the environment by taking up the following definite steps:

  • Assuring poultry farmers have safe and clean breeder farms where poultry breeding is carried out
  • Broilers need to be kept under strict bio-security protocols to reduce the risk of diseases and contaminations
  • Careful assessment of vaccination, weight and chicken health needs to be done
  • Guarantee of veterinary inspection before chicken processing begins to ensure top quality and hygienic end-product
  • Ensuring clean storage and delivery facilities exist
  • Versatile packaging which ensures food remains safe and fresh while being distributed in the market
  • In search of new and improved solutions to lower environmental risks and protect the environment.


Our Best Practices

The techniques and methods adopted by Prima Foods SA have shown superior and consistent results over the past years. Commitment towards the well being of the environment starts from our suppliers and our processing plants. To help conserve energy and safeguard our environment, Prima Foods is actively contributing in the following ways:

  • By commissioning energy audits to identify areas where energy use can be used efficiently
  • Through the adoption of renewable energy technologies and eco-friendly practices to lower the use of electric energy in offices and manufacturing plants
  • By adopting methods to conserve water and increase its efficiency in manufacturing facilities
  • Promoting the use of local and regional poultry suppliers
  • By cutting down on air combustion mostly caused by air and road travel. Meetings and discussions are encouraged to be held online
  • Tuning up of air combustion ducts to ensure emissions are within limits
  • Implementation of an effective waste disposal management system
  • Active participant in determining the carbon footprint in the Bulgarian poultry industry
  • Has been a part of the Bulgarian Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which was focused on combating climate change and reducing industry caused greenhouse gas emissions.